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Formagic 1.5.4 released, 1.5.5 started

The latest release for Formagic, version 1.5.4, contains some bugfixes as well as a few new features: Before 1.5.4, the method “Formagic::setMethod()”, that should change the form submit method (“post” or “get”), did not have the desired effect, because the submit values used … Continue reading

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Formagic moved to GitHub

A few updates since the last post (which is long overdue, unfortunately): With version 1.5, Formagic moved from SourceForge to GitHub, upgrading the versioning system from SVN to Git. Please visit or have a look at the Download Section to … Continue reading

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Formagic 1.1 with XSRF protection feature released

I’m happy to announce the release of Formagic 1.1. As of yesterday evening, you can download the latest edition of your favorite form magician at the usual download location. New key feature is a very simple way of protecting your … Continue reading

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Almost done…

Well… Sometimes good things take time. In this case, longer than expected, but worth the while nevertheless. A lot has happened the last couple of weeks: UnitTests are done at 276 tests with 577 assertions and 100% code coverage. API … Continue reading

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Formagic 1.0 is near

Formagic 1.o is as good as ready to be published. Some last UnitTests are still to be written, however the feature set and API is up and running. Unfortunately multi-page support had to be removed for this first version, but … Continue reading

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Huh? Blog?

Yes, that’s right, the Formagic website is now in blog-form. You can still find the Formagic API documentation here: So what is to expect to come here in the near future? Stay tuned for a reference guide, Examples, FAQs … Continue reading

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