Formagic moved to GitHub

A few updates since the last post (which is long overdue, unfortunately):

  • With version 1.5, Formagic moved from SourceForge to GitHub, upgrading the versioning system from SVN to Git. Please visit or have a look at the Download Section to learn more.
  • Also with the 1.5 branch, Formagic makes use of the autoloading feature of PHP 5. This lead to a few code placing changes, so that the directory structure follows the PSR-0 rules. Please see the examples section for a snippet showing the use of the new autoloader.
  • Finally, by means of all those changes mentioned above, Formagic can very easily be included into your project using Composer. Simply add for example
         "require": {
             "formagic/formagic": "1.5.3"

    to your composer.json file, and Composer will do the rest.

Happy coding!

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