Formagic 1.5.4 released, 1.5.5 started

The latest release for Formagic, version 1.5.4, contains some bugfixes as well as a few new features:

  • Before 1.5.4, the method “Formagic::setMethod()”, that should change the form submit method (“post” or “get”), did not have the desired effect, because the submit values used for processing the form (validation as well as returning the submitted values to the user) were bound on construction of the form object. This has been corrected, and furthermore, users are now able to bind the form not only to GET or POST values (which of course is still the default behavior), but also every other array the user wishes. See Formagic::bindFormValues() for details.
  • Formagic container can now be queried if a certain item is available (Formagic_Item_Container::hasItem()). The former workaround to use getItem() with an obscure parameter to prevent an exception being thrown is no longer necessary and will be removed in future versions of Formagic.
  • Since Formagic binds it’s forms values using PHP’s superglobals (GET or POST) by default, it is possible to have a custom made form from one URL submit into a Formagic form on a different URL. Before 1.5.4, doing so would require submitting some hidden fields as well, used for example as a workaround for non-checked checkboxes being omitted in the GET- or POST-array.
    But even if this no longer necessary for said checkboxes, there are still some cases, in which hidden fields are used for non-obvious purposes. So having code that cross-submits between different form-processing entites is still not recommended.

Having Formagic 1.5.4 out, work on 1.5.5 has already begun. You can see what’s happening here:

Please visit for details and installation information.

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Formagic moved to GitHub

A few updates since the last post (which is long overdue, unfortunately):

  • With version 1.5, Formagic moved from SourceForge to GitHub, upgrading the versioning system from SVN to Git. Please visit or have a look at the Download Section to learn more.
  • Also with the 1.5 branch, Formagic makes use of the autoloading feature of PHP 5. This lead to a few code placing changes, so that the directory structure follows the PSR-0 rules. Please see the examples section for a snippet showing the use of the new autoloader.
  • Finally, by means of all those changes mentioned above, Formagic can very easily be included into your project using Composer. Simply add for example
         "require": {
             "formagic/formagic": "1.5.3"

    to your composer.json file, and Composer will do the rest.

Happy coding!

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Formagic 1.1 with XSRF protection feature released

I’m happy to announce the release of Formagic 1.1. As of yesterday evening, you can download the latest edition of your favorite form magician at the usual download location.

New key feature is a very simple way of protecting your forms against XSRF attacks. Just add the new item “XsrfProtection” to your other form items, and you are done. Please note that the position of the item in your form defines the position of the error message shown if an XSRF alert is triggered.

You will also find that the documentation format has changed (and improved, if I might say). As of now, the documentation tool used is PhpDocumentor 2.0 alpha. I hope you like it.

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Maintenance version 1.0.2 released

Nothing big, but a few bug have been discovered and fixed recently (thanks to Marc on that). Please visit the download page and enjoy an even healthier release of Formagic. You can find the latest changes in the changelog.

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Maintenance release 1.0.1 available

A minor bugfix regarding ItemDependency rule lead to maintenance release 1.0.1. Please feel free to visit the download page to get the latest version.

See bug ticket on SourceForge for details on the issue.

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Formagic 1.0 released

Finally release 1.0 is here. Grab it from the download location and enjoy!

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Almost done…

Well… Sometimes good things take time. In this case, longer than expected, but worth the while nevertheless.

A lot has happened the last couple of weeks:

  • UnitTests are done at 276 tests with 577 assertions and 100% code coverage.
  • API is done. Some remaining errors have been discovered, forcing somed BC breaks with the 1.0a API.
  • The examples section is filling up.

If everything goes according to plan, Formagic 1.0 is being release in just a couple of days.

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Formagic 1.0 is near

Formagic 1.o is as good as ready to be published. Some last UnitTests are still to be written, however the feature set and API is up and running. Unfortunately multi-page support had to be removed for this first version, but is of course on one of the top places on the feature list for the next version.

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Huh? Blog?

Yes, that’s right, the Formagic website is now in blog-form. You can still find the Formagic API documentation here:

So what is to expect to come here in the near future? Stay tuned for a reference guide, Examples, FAQs and other useful things that fit your form-creating needs.

Have fun!

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